Kailash Chandra Magazine PDF Download Vol. 1 to 24 Complete

Many of you may know about Kailash Chandra Magazine. Those who are preparing for English Shorthand and are practicing daily to increase their Steno speed. So, They must write to Kailash Chandra ji’s English Progressive Magazine. This magazine is available in the market from Volume 1 to Volume 24. I have given the PDF of this magazine below. You can download and practice by taking out a hard copy.

Kailash Chandra Magazine Book PDF

So many dictations have been given in this book for the students practicing English Shorthand, that if they practice then according to me, no exam will be difficult for them. It seems difficult to practice initially because many of the words are hard.

kailash chandra magazine book

But from the examination point of view, if you work hard and complete all the dictation matters, which is around 500 dictation matters. So understand that no exam has escaped you. You can easily clear any skill test exam for Stenographers. You just have to practice continuously. Here, Below I provide you all 24 Vol. KC Magazine books PDF.

Kailash Chandra Volume 01-06

Kailash Chandra Volume 07-12

Kailash Chandra Volume 13-18

Kailash Chandra Volume. 19-24

kc dictation matter 145

Important Note For Practice KC Book

After downloading the PDF, first get a hard copy of one volume from any shop and practice it. When that is completed, then take out hard copies of other volumes one by one and practice them.

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Try to write one dictation matter 5 to 8 times. Only when you write so much, your speed will increase and the words will be stored well in your mind. Because the more shorthand words you have in your mind, the better your speed will be and the better your writing stenographer will be.

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