What is Shorthand Speed: Beginner’s Guide

You know what shorthand is, but there are many people who do not know about shorthand and do not even know about the Shorthand speed. Because if you are learning shorthand, then everyone will ask you what is the speed of your shorthand.

The aim of learning shorthand is speed. Because the job of shorthand is to increase your writing speed. If any person can say anything and at the same time write it down quickly and clearly, it means that he knows shorthand.

What is Shorthand Speed?

Shorthand is a writing art that increases your writing speed and it is called shorthand speed. This shorthand speed ranges from 60 words per minute to 160 words per minute. In which some people write at the speed of 60 words per minute, 80 words per minute, 100 words per minute, 120 words per minute, etc.

Dr. G. D. Bist’s writing speed in Hindi shorthand was 250 words per minute; this is his Guinness World Record.

How Can I Get Fast Shorthand Speed?

To get good speed in shorthand, first of all you should know the skill of shorthand. After this you have to practice continuously for this. You have to remember the word symbols given in the book and practice all the exercises.

After you have practiced the exercise, then there are some dictations that you have to practice. This can be Ramdhari Gupta Dictation Book which is for Hindi-speaking people and you can use Pitman English Shorthand’s dictation for English shorthand.

4 Featured Point for Shorthand Speed

Only after writing so many details, your speed will reach 80 words per minute or if you have practiced well, it will reach 100 words per minute. But if you want to increase this speed to 120 or 160 words per minute, then you will have to work harder for that.

On 120 wpm audio, you will have to write the same matter 10 to 20 times so that you can achieve mastery in it. Only after this you will keep writing other dictation matters and you will have to make this effort for 1 to 2 years. Only then do you think that you can become a good stenographer and that too one who can write at 120 words per minute.

How to Calculate Shorthand Speed

If you are not able to calculate your shorthand writing speed. So for this, you do not have to do anything much, you just have to see that if you have written a matter in 5 minutes, then how many words have you written in it in 1 minute? Suppose you have written 400 words in 5 minutes, then divide these 400 words by 5. So you will get 80 words per minute. This means your shorthand writing speed will be 80 words per minute.

Can I Write Shorthand at a Good Speed?

Why don’t you also practice and write the dictation matter given on my website daily and memorize the words again and again. So this will increase your memory power and your writing speed will automatically increase. Right now many of my students are writing 80 wpm, 90 wpm and even 100 wpm. Some students write in shorthand at a speed of 120 and 140 words per minute.

Final Thoughts

So the information given to you was about shorthand speed and if you have any other problem related to increasing the speed in shorthand, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment section given below. Rest you keep practicing continuously and keep increasing your speed. Only then you will be able to get a good job otherwise it is very difficult to get a job.

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